SANDER works with visionary fashion and lifestyle companies, design agencies and individuals to create powerful brand visions that connect with people and the spirit of the times. Our work begins with brand strategy and continues with the creative direction of photography, website design, seasonal collections, styling, and print materials.

Led by Creative Director Juliet Sander, our job is to give your customers, your employees and your investors something to believe in - a brand vision that acts as a powerful and attractive force that drives business momentum and creative decisions.

We do branding differently. To us, branding is not just your logo, your font, how your photography looks, or even your positioning. It's about the story behind your brand, the something bigger your brand stands for that connects with people, and is communicated in everything you do.

Your brand has the potential to express the values of those you are trying to reach. People want to buy brands and products they can use to identify how they want to see themselves, how they see the world and what they care about. When brands play this role, they add to the conversation in our culture and can become a powerful, uniting force in the market and speak for a generation. Think Supreme, Patagonia, Apple.

If you are a company seeking a powerful brand story, let's talk. We've learned that choosing who we work with in the same way we choose friends inevitably leads to something more amazing and more interesting than operating on a transactional basis.

CONTACT US to start the discovery process and see if SANDER is a fit for your brand.

// Services

Brand Strategy

  • Strategy
  • Vision
  • Story
  • Positioning
  • Personality
  • Aesthetic

Creative Direction

  • Design/edit seasonal collections
  • identity design
  • Web design
  • Ecommerce
  • Print

Photographic Art Direction

  • Concepting
  • On-set direction
  • Style direction
  • Lighting direction
  • Model casting
  • Locations


  • Concept
  • Lookbook, Lifestyle & Editorial
  • Personal appearances
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